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Activity Calorie Burn

activity calorie burn

Steps in Time

Steps in Time

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Clocks are omnipresent in modern life. Make a photo of the clock, watch, or other device that you use most to tell time.

This is my very ugly and clunky watch that I use to keep track of my steps, calorie burn, activity AND the time. You might notice, these are yesterday's steps. Still early in this rainy day so my steps for today don't look as impressive. I try to get in somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 steps a day. That is 5 to 7 miles. Having this ugly thing on my arm reminds me to walk while I am waiting or talking on the phone etc. The steps really add up.

Domestic Activity: 3500 calories!

Domestic Activity: 3500 calories!

No way! You mean I burned 3,500 calories sitting on my butt at home?! And here I am running and biking and sweating hard and I'm only burning a couple thousand cals? Had I known this sooner I would have watched Law & Order all day for the past two weeks. What was I thinking?

activity calorie burn

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