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How To Calculate Calorie

how to calculate calorie

how to calculate calorie - Math for

Math for Grownups: Re-Learn the Arithmetic You Forgot From School So You Can, Calculate how much that raise will really amount to (after taxes) Figure ... homework Convert calories into cardio tim

Math for Grownups: Re-Learn the Arithmetic You Forgot From School So You Can, Calculate how much that raise will really amount to (after taxes) Figure ... homework  Convert calories into cardio tim

Ever wish you'd paid more attention in math class? From third grade to senior year of high school, it went in one ear and out the other, didn't it?
But now you're staring at the new washer and dryer, trying to figure out the percentage of sales tax on the purchase price. You multiply something by something, right? Or you're scratching your head, wondering how to compute the odds that your football team will take next Sunday's game. You're pretty sure that involved ratios. The problem is, you can't quite remember.
Here you get an adult refresher and real-life context--with examples ranging from how to figure out how many shingles it takes to re-roof the garage to the formula for resizing Mom's tomato sauce recipe for your entire family.
Forget higher calculus--you just need an open mind. And with this practical guide, math can stop being scary and start being useful.

81% (18)

65 | 365

65 | 365

Oh Yes I Did.

In SparkPeople.com you can map your routes to know how far you travel and in what amount of time, and it calculates your calories burned. I'm sorry, but that's completely excellent. I can't wait to start doing this with my bike rides.

Today, I didn't time it. My goal was to ride to the city park (which is lovely, and huge, and has a big trail with some decent hills) and back. I ended up bringing 3 kids with me so I didn't ride as hard or fast as I'd have liked, but I was very pleased to see how much working out over the past two months has benefited me. My bum wasn't even sore, and it usually always is the day after the year's first ride. Best of all? The tendinitis in my thumbs wasn't affected at all; that was a big worry for me.

I've been worrying a lot lately. Not sure why. Not bad enough for meds or therapy, but keeping an eye on it and trying some new things like taking daily meditation seriously and watching how I spend my time.

On a bike, I feel graceful and FAST. I am blessed with massive quadricep muscles; this makes me a power rider and I love it. I want to try long distance rides one day, with a life list goal of riding across and maybe around the U.S. And it's utterly pain free on my existing injuries; no Advil needed to ride. I am so grateful to have this (I'm not a swimmer), I can't even begin to say how much.



Here is the side of a milk carton. I thought it was interesting they list the RDAs which is an American thing. But hey, why redo research I suppose.

Also, notice how information is given based on a 100mL serving. All nutritional labels here give info based on 100g or 100mL servings which makes figuring how how much (fat/calories/protein/etc) you're ingesting really freaking difficult. On the one hand, it's nice because its easy to directly compare one thing against another (ie, 100mL of milk vs 100mL of olive oil), but on the other hand, calculating how much is in a serving you use is near impossible.

Take olive oil, for example. A tablespoon is like 15mL. But nutritional info is given for 100mL. How do I easily calculate how much is in the small serving I intend to use? I think packages should give the 100 g/mL info as well as info for a real-life serving.

how to calculate calorie

how to calculate calorie

How To Calculate Calories Burned During Exercise

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